Our Food

We are passionate about our food. Everything is prepared fresh each day - from the house baked artisan breads to our mouth watering pastries and desserts. We use the finest possible ingredients, and make extensive use of local Devon produce that grows, grazes and swims here, as well as wonderful, directly sourced foods from the Continent, some well known and some hidden treasures.

 - served on Wednesdays to Saturdays from 9am until noon.
Organic, free-range Exe Valley eggs, freshly baked bread, avocado smash, French toast, maple syrup, soft, sweet Serrano Reserver ham and lots more...we'll cook to please, so your wish is our command...perhaps indulge in our delicious eggs Benedict, eggs Royale or eggs Florentine. There is even a healthy option if you insist!

 - served from 6.15pm until late, Tuesday to Saturday

An ever changing, seasonal, imaginative and expansive menu of little and medium sized dishes designed especially for sharing. The number of dishes you need to order depends simply on how hungry you and your friends are! Combining the dishes to create a lovely feast for your table is all part of the fun and you can always ask us for advise. Lots of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes.

 - anytime & for any number with 24 hours notice

For the best Paella this side of Barcelona, simply call us 24 hours in advance and we'll prepare you a delicious, authentic feast with local seafood, shellfish and Aune Valley chicken and Spanish chorizo sausage.  

Our delicious food...
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